All perfect adjectives to describe a force of nature! Unleash that energy in the metal world and you have METALFORCE! Just as nature's cycles repeat after many years leading to cataclysmic episodes in the history of the world, a new generation of metal giants has begun their quest for global domination. Paving the way is heavy metal warrior, Tarek Maghary. A visionary in the world of metal since founding the band Majesty. He has now evolved with a stronger image and stronger band METALFORCE!

Understanding the mandate, if global domination is what you want, then global participation is what you need, Maghary enlisted international assistance for his tour de force. Guitarist, Tristan Visser, who hails from the Netherlands, provides the necessary shockwave. When he joined the band, he was likened to a warrior wielding his axe in the air evoking a storm of power with every note. Drummer Jan Raddatz from Germany provided the chest penetrating, heart pounding elements that can only compete with thunder and Bassist Freddy Schartl is destined to shake the ground as soon as he touches his bass.

Their self-titled album due for release in the summer of 2009 is a work of metal art. The track titles and topics are epic tales of mythological heroism. They honor their fans with anthems of power and might. It's the stuff metal legends are made of and METALFORCE is destined to become one and the same. There will be 11 new songs to motivate "true metal" fans to raise their flags and pledge their allegiance. The first track from the album,"Freedom Warriors," was performed live at Magic Circle Festival II and appeared on the festival DVD. It forecasted the dynamic energy of the band and is destined to become a battle hymn for the true, honest and dedicated warriors of metal worldwide. "Faster, Louder, METALFORCE" is a speed of light anthem about the metal way of life. The pounding bass drums stir the blood and awaken the soul, taking adrenaline rush to a whole new level. "Metal Crusaders" is a powerful piece of music that serves as a cry for unity and brotherhood which can be found when fans live the credo of true heavy metal. "Son Of The North" is an epic masterpiece that starts with slow doom-like drums and evolves into a mighty choir arrangement. It is the last track on the album and a great song to complete METALFORCE's debuting rampage into the "true metal" scene.

METALFORCE promises to unite the world of "true metal" through the power of passion, expressed through their music. Maghary reminds us, "True metal doesn't follow commercial trends, it comes from your heart, it's truthful, it's totally honest, an honesty that is dedicated to your music and your fans.