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Liner Notes:

1. "Faster, Louder, METALFORCE" is a fast anthem about the heavy metal way of life. The pounding bass drums stir the blood and wake the soul.

2. "Freedom Warriors" made its debut on the Magic Circle Festival II DVD. It showcases the power and might of METALFORCE. It is destined to be a hymn for the true, honest and dedicated warriors of metal worldwide.

3. "I Rule The Night" is about a betrayed leader who is seeking revenge and a chance to win his crown back. He goes on that journey, leaving his home and his loved ones behind, but he knows that he will come back as the leader of all men.

4. "Thunder And Lightning" is a song about coming home after years of fighting. The hero of this pounding anthem feels magic in his heart as he returns home to his people.

5. "Metal Crusaders" is a powerful piece of music about the lives of our fans. It is a symbol for unity and brotherhood which you only find via true heavy metal.

6. "When The Valkries Fly" is a song about myths and legends. They say that after death, all strong and honorable warriors will be carried away by Valkries to Asgard to meet the gods. Everyone who understands Norse mythology will be touched by this beautiful ballad. The solo is played by ex-MANOWAR guitarist, Ross The Boss.

7. "Thunderchild" is about another legend. Every thousand years a child is born to renew the earth. The Thunderchild is ready to fulfill the prophecy. "He is sent by fire, by the storm of true desire, the white wolf gave him birth."

8. "We Are The Fire" is about tribes marching for the cause. "If you are against us, you are bound to die. We donīt take any prisoners."

9. "Melt Thy Steel" is about a young man who learns the secret of the ancient art of forging a mighty sword. It is not only a technique but also a magical gift.

10. "Let The Battle Begin" is a marching rythym which will be a battlecry for every metalhead.

11. "Son Of The North" is an epic masterpiece that starts with slow doom-like drums and evolves into a mighty choir arrangement. Surely a great song to end the first METALFORCE album and also proof that this band is born to reign the metal scene for a long time to come.

(July - 2009)